Wellness Stations

Health and safety assistants at the wellness check-in sites are available to perform temperature checks and to ask if the campus member or visitor has completed a daily monitoring checklist. The daily monitoring checklist will be available in a flyer format if needed. After a person passes the temperature check and confirms their self-monitoring, a wrist band will be issued. The band will signify the individual has passed a wellness check screening and are approved to attend classes or activities in class.

If the campus community member does not pass the wellness check-in protocol, they will be instructed by a handout on what they will need to do next. A disposable face mask will be provided to anyone coming to campus without one and an instructional pamphlet on wearing their mask. The wellness check-in will also have information on our testing center hours and location if the campus community member needs one.

In line with Texas A&M University System requirements, A&M-San Antonio mandates employees and students returning to campus self-certify that they have not been diagnosed with COVID-19, are not awaiting results of a COVID-19 test, do not have symptoms of COVID-19, have not been in contact with someone known or suspected to have tested positive in the previous 14 days and have not traveled through an area for which post-travel quarantine mandates are in place.