EMS Reservation Policy

By requesting space online with the A&M-SA Space Management System you are acknowledging your acceptance of the A&M-SA Facility Usage Guideline. The use of University facilities by both internal and external clients should reflect or be compatible with the mission of A&M-SA.  The University reserves the right to reject rental inquiries from groups whose stated purpose is contrary to the mission of the University.

How to use EMS Web App

  • Visit the Room Reservation Form page
  • Sign in using your network credentials
  • Select Book Now for Space Request or Book Now for Ceremony Room.

Fill in the sections with the information for your event:


  • Date: Fill in your desired date(s). Online requests must be made 5 days prior to the event date.
  • Time: Fill in the time of your event. DO NOT include setup/teardown time.
  • Locations: Please select the building that you would like your event to be held in. This field defaults to all buildings.
  • Setup Types: Allows you to filter what type of setup you are looking for in a space. This field defaults to conference setup.
  • Number of People: Indicate how many people will be in attendance for you event. This allows the Web App to filter rooms based on your needs.
  • I Know What Room I Want: Allows you to search for a specific room. Ex…”337” will find all rooms in buildings with the number 337.
  • Once you have filled in the appropriate fields click “Search.” A list of available rooms will appear on the right side of the screen.
  • There are two types of spaces:
    *Rooms You Can Reserve - Will automatically be CONFIRMED for you
    *Rooms You Can Request - Will enter a REQUESTED status and will require approval for CONFIRMATION.
  • To see Room Details, Features, and Images of the room, click on the room number.
  • To select a room, click on the plus sign next to each room. You must enter the number of attendees and a setup type. Click Add Room to apply. Once the room is selected, click Next Step.


  • Here you can request any of the listed Audio-Visual, Facilities, UPD, or Safety, Risk & Emergency Management services. If you require additional services, email spacerequest@tamusa.xguanjia.cn. Select Next Step


The following fields are required:

  • Event Name
  • Event Type
  • Group - Contact Information
  • Event Description - *If an event does not have a description the event will not be approved and will not be placed on the university calendar.  n/a is not an event description.
  • Calendar
    *If you do not want your event to be added to the Master Calendar, select Not Applicable.
  • Once all fields are filled in click "Create Reservation"

Submission of the request does not guarantee a confirmation of a Requested Space.

Confirmation of your request is based on availability at the time of processing in EMS. Your request is not confirmed until you receive a confirmation from the Space Manager.   

 If you do not receive a confirmation within 48 business hours please check to be sure that your submission was not declined due to lack of availability.


If you have any questions regarding EMS Web App or need assistance placing a request contact:

(210) 784-2121